Real Estate FAQ

Typical Buyer's Step-by-Step Progression

  1. Buyer makes written offer to purchase for seller’s consideration
  2. Terms are negotiated until seller accepts in writing.  You are now under contract!
  3. Due Diligence Fee is paid by Buyer to Seller for an inspection period
  4. Buyer's earnest money (good-faith) deposit is placed in the listing agent’s trust account
  5. Lender orders appraisal (buyer might order this if it is a cash purchase)
  6. Lender orders a title search – this is a request to our office to begin title search and review
  7. Inspections are ordered (we recommend buyer obtain all inspections available to them: home, termite, radon, HVAC, etc.)
  8. After inspection reports are reviewed, any repair issues are negotiated with the seller before the expiration of due diligence period
  9. Land survey is ordered to be reviewed as part of title search
  10. Buyer applies for hazard insurance and the information goes to the lender and closing attorney
  11. Near the closing date, buyer arranges for utilities to be switched over
  12. Seller signs deed and other seller documents prepared by closing attorney
  13. Closing and settlement takes place at the office of the buyer's attorney.
  14. Buyer gives attorney certified funds to pay for closing and signs loan papers and other required documents
  15. Attorney records new deed at the courthouse and disburses funds to all parties
  16. Attorney certifies the final opinion of title to the buyer’s title insurer so that the policy of title insurance can be issued to buyer and lender.

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